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About Us

Here at Speicher Select Properties, LLC, we’ve dedicated ourselves completely to giving both tenants and property owners the most refined and effective property-management assistance anywhere in the Johnstown, PA region.

Our business is based right here, and all that we do is in the context of our incredibly deep local connection. Being so familiar with the Johnstown Area makes us more effective at managing properties; it also means we’re all the more committed to upholding our reputation for stellar service.

We hope you’ll give our services a try, because we’re always on the lookout to assist new tenants and property owners. Browse our website and get in touch with any questions or comments. And if you’re one of our current clients, why not reach out to us today and let us know how we’re doing when it comes to managing your tenancy or your property?

Speicher Select Properties, LLC is immensely proud to serve such a varied group of tenants and owners. Come join the family!